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JAVA Client

The original NRS.

Nxt PowerTools

A powertool for developers and power users with a focus on testing the Asset Exchange. Open source.

On some computers, you need to manually install Java first:

Download the JAVA Development Kit here

Introduction to Nxt

Quick Overview of Nxt

  • NXT is a descendant of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Its code was built from scratch to provide innovative technologies which solve the flaws of the Bitcoin Protocol and to offer many important features. It is still in its infancy but already caused quite a stir in the cryptocurrency world.

  • Despite the fact that NXT provides many great features, uses Proof of Stake instead of Bitcoin's Proof of Work and is therefore completely energy efficient, one of the main differences results from the revolutionary Transparent Forging. Unlike Bitcoin, there is no possibilty for a 51% Attack in NXT. Since one of the main ideas of cryptocurrencies is the absence of the control over the money by a small group, this is a major and important advantage over Bitcoin.

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